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Name:The gathering place of Dreamwidth Silent Hill fans
Location:Silent Hill, Maine, United States of America
Website:Silent Hill Heaven Forums
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A gathering place for all things Silent Hill . . .
〔 a b o u t 〕
Your definitive Dreamwidth community for all things Silent Hill! Need a place to go where you can talk about the game, its elaborate mythology, or simply need help somewhere in the game? Well, look no further!

Here at [community profile] depthsofthefog, fans can gather to appreciate this amazing series, talk about their experiences with the game, or even share their creative tributes.

〔 n e w s 〕
2009, JUN. 04
Mod Squad (or lack thereof)
Right now DepthsoftheFog is in need of volunteers for the Mod Team, so if you or anyone you know has an interest in moderating a Silent Hill community, please message [personal profile] kousagi!

A Growing Community
Opening on June 4th, 2009, this community is still very new and has few members. I would like to encourage everyone to spread the word about this community, and help us grow!

〔 r u l e s 〕
#1 Have fun, we are all SH fans here!

#2 Please tag your entries! (Fanart, Fanfic, Discussion, Gameplay, Spoilers, etc.) This method of organization is for other members who may need to go back and review an older post for any reason (discussion, fanart, fanfic, gameplay tips, etc.)

#3 Stay civil. Flamewars are prohibited and will result in a ban if we can't come to terms with each other like big girls and boys.

#4 Spoilers must be under a cut, please have consideration for other members as not everyone has played SH3 or SH4 yet! However, I will state right now that SH1 (PSX) is an exception to this rule. Come on, everyone and their mom knows Alessa did it.

#5 Images, Fanart, Fanfic... all of this needs to go under a cut. A small thumbnail or preview image is acceptable, but it can not be a page stretcher.

#6 Stay on the SH topic. Please don't come in here asking us how to catch that lv50 Clefairy on Mount Moon because that belongs elsewhere.

〔 art/fic posting? 〕
First off, please put it under a cut! Second, please put a rating note in the subject line. There are some people who prefer reading things only G-PG13. Templates for fic posting such as below are not required, but still very deeply appreciated.

Title: Your Story's Title
Rating: G, PG, PG13, R, NC17
Genre: Horror? Romance? One-shot?
Summary: Your summary.
Warnings: NSFW, M/M, F/F, Excessive Gore, Smut, Spoilers, Character Death, etc.

Please keep this under a cut too, small preview images are acceptable. Again, please mark in the subject line whether it is NSFW (Not Safe for Work). Fanart of all kind is welcome here, but if it is not safe for work, warn us! Same goes for the preview image-- that needs to be work-safe as well.

Video is welcome here as well, be it a trailer for an upcoming game or a fan video you created. However, this also must be under a cut, for courtesy's sake. This isn't a huge, huge rule, but if I see someone constantly breaking it, even after being warned multiple times, it becomes an offense.

〔 layout credit 〕
[personal profile] dee, Elegant Grunge 1.0

: d e p t h s of the f o g :

: l i n k o u t :

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